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Welcome to RevonicMC!

We are a network built from the ground up to be extremely unique and offer game-play like no other server available. We strive to bring you unique features that are only possible with our development team.
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⇒ Daily Events
⇒ Spawner Grinding System
⇒ Wager Duels (Non-profitable, MCMMO, Money)
⇒ Faction Tools (Sell Wands, Chunk Busters, Trench Tools, Auto Melon/Pumpkin/Cane)
⇒ TokensShop
⇒ Boosters
⇒ BattlePass
⇒ Custom Suits
⇒ Custom Tools
⇒ SupplyDrops
⇒ GenBuckets
⇒ Custom Mob Drops
⇒ Great Menus for Guidance
⇒ Printer Mode
⇒ Custom AuctionHouse System
⇒ Unique Perks System
⇒ Great Custom Enchantments
⇒ KoTH Event
⇒ 4 Custom Worlds with a unique environment
⇒ Custom Anti Raid Cage
⇒ Special Pickaxe (Related to AntiRaid)
⇒ Farming Economy
⇒ No-Regen
⇒ No-Cobblemonster

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Welcome to our Forums
We finally released our website!


These forums are now our primary way to communicate with you guys, and for you to post issues. We will be moving some of the roles of our current Discord server - such as the support system - to the forums! We're still upgrading and working on our forums, so expect some modifications over the next few weeks.

You may also notice that the platform is familiar. This is because we're using a version of XenForo, It's easy to adapt to. If you aren't used to this kind of forums.

If you have any suggestions for our forums, please don't hesitate to reach out. Sorry for the bland post, just needed to say something before we put anything out.

RevonicMC Network's Management Team.

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[+] Added Quick Crafting feature
[+] Spawner Stacking
» People will now be able to stack any spawners on their island.
[+] Island Profile
[+] Added new gadgets in Hub
[+] Added double jump in Hub
[+] Made hub more appealing & Added Scoreboard to display server stats
[+] Added (/Profile <Username>) to check someone's information.
[+] Minions upgrading system with unique Upgrades
[+] Added new Head shop (A lot of new categories)
[+] Island fly
[+] Island hopper limit
[+] CropGrowth Increaser
[+] Structure Generator
[+] Chest Generator
[+] AutoReboot (/reboot)
[+] Bow health (Upon shooting an enemy, you will see their health in action bar and chat)
[+] Void Teleportation (If you are falling in void in Spawn area or Dungeons, You will get tped back to spawn)
[+] Weather will always be clear
[+] Island Starting Pet/Sign/Joining Sign
[+] Changed server MOTD to something better!
[+] Starter island companion is now a villager
[+] Shop have now been completely revamped and made it into an appealing + useful shop.
[+] Tokenshop will now contain useful and cool items!
[+] Added modified /glist now it will be more appealing!
[+] Custom Mob Drop
» Iron Golems [Iron Ingots]
» Villager [Emerald]
» Silverfish [Diamond]
» Vex [Diamond]
» Ghast [Ghast Tear, Dragon Breath]
» Endermite [Glowstone Dust]

[+] Added New Warps
[+] Item Filter
» Filter items that you don't want to pickup with "/itemfilter"
[+] Following items have been removed from crafting.
Hey Astronauts
Just bringing you a quick, yet very important update. Well, a few :D

To begin with I would like to thank everyone for the massive amount of support we have received in these first three weeks of release. It has been truly spectacular to see what a pleasant community we have started and are slowly expanding on. And with your massive support, we have been applying our maximum effort to make the server a fun, more enjoyable place to play and we would not have had that motivation if it was not for you.

Our most recent announcement and the main reason for posting this thread is because we have created a new server project for all players to participate in and it is completely free of charge! So you may be asking yourself what is this competition and how do I enter it?

Creative Project Contest

Well you can enter it literally by just joining the server and doing /is start or if you already have an island do /is go. After you have an island you then need to create a sign following this format!

Creative Project

All you need for this project is an island and a sign! After you have one of those you can build whatever your imagination brings to you, however, it must be yours, therefore, I have sadly had to disable printer to try and reduce the cheating that may be involved. This proportion has to be taken as IRL money is involved.

The project you are working on can be a building, an awesome Redstone contraption/farm or a project you simply have in mind and want to bring to the server. After you have finished your project (deadline is 1st June 2019) the players will then vote on what project they like the most and then it will be taken to a poll! Create a project that will catch other players eyes! Also, your island members can be involved, but the main project manager gets to decide how the funds are shared out (if they want them to be)...​