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AleHero16's Staff Application

Discussion in 'Applications' started by AleHero16, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. AleHero16

    AleHero16 Member

    Jul 19, 2019
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    IGN »AleHero16

    Discord Username »AleMast3rGamer #1192

    How old are you? » I'm 14 years old

    Where are you from? » I'm from Italy

    How much time can you dedicate to the server every day? » in summer I play almost every day 3-7 hours, when the school starts I play on Thursday for about 7 hours, on Saturday 8 hours and Sunday 7 hours.

    How long have you played Minecraft? »I have been playing Minecraft since 2013

    How long have you been active inside our community? »I joined the community a month or two ago. I am however very active both in the forums and in the server

    Have you had staff experience previously? If so, Where? »No, I have no experience as staff but I think I'm mature and good enough to become a staff member

    Why should we pick you / What makes you stand out? »I think I'm a pretty mature person, I'm very kind to people and I love to help them (I do it in real life too). I'm also pretty good at handling important conversations. If you were to accept me as a staff member, I am ready to solve whatever the problem. I would denounce the people who break the rules and who do not respect the staff members.I am respectful and would like people to respect server rules. And whatever the problem, I'm ready to deal with it easily. However, I would like to help improve this server more and more.

    How can you benefit the server? »
    I can benefit the server not only by being active but above all by helping people by giving them my free time. I love doing things for others even if I don't have to.I also believe I have acquired the knowledge of the server and the community. I would like to try to apply my knowledge by helping people and teaching them the rules. Finally, I will try to keep the server members active and in a good mood.

    Any additional comments? »I think this server deserves more players. I'm very happy to play with it. I accept any feedback. Thank you for reading my application.
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