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    V1.01 - SPACE REALM (Josh's Changelog)​

    Multiplayer Experience
    [+] Fixed an issue where players cannot use bounties
    [+] Fixed an issue with the /upgrades displaying everything was unlocked (When it wasn't)
    [+] Fixed an issue where rankups was not giving the reward displayed in /ranks
    [+] Buffed the VoteParty rewards
    [+] Fixed an issue with the tab displaying vanished staff members in the player count
    [+] Shop Prices Updated
    {+} Increased :
    » Cactus
    » Pumpkins
    » Beetroot
    » Coco Beans
    » Wheat
    » Sugar Cane
    {-} Decreased :
    » Iron, Gold, Diamond & Emerald Blocks
    » Gold, Diamond & Emerald Ingots
    » Rotten Flesh, String, Gunpowder, Bones, Slimeballs, Blaze rods, Magma cream & Ghast Tear
    [+] Enderman Grief has been disabled
    [+] Fixed issue with Fire Ranks Keep Inventory perk not working.
    [+] Fixed an issue that was causing players to buy something and sell it for more in another location in the shop
    [+] Fixed an issue where voting was only giving $10/ per vote instead of $15,000
    [+] Fixed issue where donators could not rankup
    [+] Minions Increased, Actions per Hunger (How many actions it takes for hunger to be decreased)

    Server Sys
    [+] Helped improve the functionality of the server at higher player counts
    [-] Removed several unwanted/unused jars
    [-] Removed unused configs

    [+] Added multiple thread prefixes
    [+] Fixed issues where users could not access the 'Application' forum

    [+] MEE6 Bot

    [+] Secret Easter Eggs, but where?

    I would like to thank everyone that has helped us since our release on Saturday, I believe everyone can agree the server has had some downsides but let us not forget the upsides of the release as well.

    I have been adding all different things that I have changed, fixed and implemented onto the server so I can create a post like this every week so you can see our current state of development as I believe you as a community have contributed to this more than anything! So this is part of your hard work as a community!

    We started off booming and we are continuing to keep a nice steady player base at which I am very happy with! A massive shoutout to every one of you who have joined us through these opening days as we continue to grow and develop. As you all should know we are very much so still in beta and me along with Sam and Shadow are working very hard to create a full public release for you as players to enjoy.

    To conclude, I believe our release has been a success and we would not have been able to do it without you. Also, a massive shoutout to those who have donated to help the server improve in multiple different aspects.

    Continue being an awesome player base! The rockets have launched and we are just entering orbit.

    Hint for next weeks patch (V1.1)
    Brace. Brace. Brace. There is land ahead, I say, there is new land ahead!
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