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Important RevonicMC » Rules

Discussion in 'Important' started by Josh, Apr 20, 2019.

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  1. Josh

    Josh Manager

    Mar 29, 2019
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    Breaking these rules will result in a warning, kick, a temporary ban or a permanent ban.​

    1. Foul Language
      RevonicMC will not tolerate excessive use of cursing or foul language. We pride ourselves on being a mature server, and a part of that maturity is showing verbal restraint. (Warning, Mute, Perm Mute)
    1. Discrimination
      Discrimination against race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, sexual identity, national origin, age, or disability will not be tolerated. We understand that some people will view themselves as able to say certain words due to their background, we do not allow that here. (Mute, Perm Mute)
    2. Listen to Staff
      Our staff are not here to be Royalty or be above the other players, they are here to help keep order and help players. Do not ignore a staff member, and obey what they tell you. If you feel you’ve been wrongly treated by a staff member, voice your case in the support forum. (Warning, Mute, Temp Ban)
    3. Spamming
      Use a private chat if you have a lot to say to someone or take it to discord, we do not tolerate spam in the main server chat. (Warning, Mute, Perm Mute)
    4. Begging
      Staff cannot spawn items. All players must gather or purchase their items. This is a survival server and part of the game is gathering items and earning what you have. (Mute, 2x Mute, Perm Mute)
    5. Obnoxious Behavior
      Being funny and goofy is fine. If you’re constantly asking immature questions, pestering people, or being simply discourteous, we do not want you here. This server is for mature adult players, however, we will tolerate young players if they behave in a mature manner. (Mute, 2x Mute, Temp Ban)
    6. Unattended Gameplay
      Bots, hacks, mechanisms, and such that circumvent automate gameplay will not be tolerated. However, we allow the use of mods to enable you to AFK Mine. (Temp Ban, 2x Temp Ban, Perm Ban)
    7. Complaints/Suggestions in Chat
      If you have complaints or suggestions, you need to visit the suggestion page on the forums and post your suggestions there.
    8. PvP
      Killing players are enabled and allowed anywhere on the server, fight at your own risk of losing your items. However, if you believe someone is cheating them please use our /report system that is on the server. Additionally, if there is a staff member online try and get the attention of them and we can come and investigate.
    Breaking these following rules will result in an instant permanent ban.​
    1. Griefing
      Griefing includes, but is not limited to Breaking, flooding, or modifying another player’s property.
    2. Theft
      Stealing or borrowing without permission is not permitted.
    3. Cheating
      No flying, speed hacking, xraying, exploiting bugs (duping, etc), hacked clients, or client mods that provide an unfair advantage.
    4. Promoting Other Servers
      If you publicly or privately invite someone to a different server, you will be banned. We do not allow discussion of other servers.
    5. Begging to Become Staff
      We do not take staff applications. The executive staff hand pick players who exemplify good behaviour and embody what they feel makes a good moderator. We do not allow staff under the age of 18.
    6. Defamation
      We are not going to waste our bandwidth and server resources on someone who is spreading negative things about RevonicMC or it’s players on 3rd party forums.
    Bypassing any of the punishments resolved in a much worse, harsher punishment.
    I.e. Using an Alt to bypass the given punishment. This would mean the player(s) alt gets blacklisted for X amount of time. (Varies on the severity of the punishment)​
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