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Important RevonicMC » Voting

Discussion in 'Important' started by Josh, Apr 6, 2019.

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  1. Josh

    Josh Manager

    Mar 29, 2019
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    » RevonicMC Voting Information «

    Hello, fellow RevonicMC Players! Thank you for viewing this thread and we are glad you are displaying an interest by voting for the server. The following links are going to take you to a vote portal website and from there you can insert your PERSONAL username and receive awesome rewards in-game as a reward for your favour! You are allowed to vote on every single site once every 24-hours, per username & per IP address.

    Current Event » NA (Rewards are currently given at regular rate)

    » Voting Rewards «
    1. 1x Vote Keys
    2. $5,000 In-game Currency
    3. 5 Minutes of Flying
    4. 1x Voting Sell Wand (1.25x Multiplier)

    » Voting Links «
    #1. Vote 1
    #2. Vote 2
    #3. Vote 3

    All rewards are guaranteed! If you have any issues with the rewards not working then please contact a member of staff! Happy Playing.

    Thank you,
    RevonicMC Staff Team.​
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Thread Status:
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